Participation of Iranian students in the Art Competition of World Health Day 2018


In order to participate in the art competition of World Health Day 2018 with the theme of "Universal Health Coverage: Health for All", thousands of Iranian students have submitted their drawings to the country office. All of the drawings were collected and dispatched to the WHO Regional Office in Cairo-Egypt as the conductor of the competition.

The drawings were thoroughly reviewed by the international judges and a number of them were selected to received prize and/or certificate of merits. There are twelve drawings from Iranian students out of the chosen ones. Here are the Iranian winners:

  • Mohadeseh Tashvighi (First rank)

  • Rasteen Azimi (Second rank)

  • Farbod Jafari (Third rank)

  • Ghazal Fazeli (Fourth rank)

  • Fatemeh Javanmardi Ghahderijani (First rank)

  • Lavin Hassanzadeh Oskoee (Third rank)

  • Maryam Reza Panahi (First rank)

  • Fatemeh Azarian (Third rank)

  • Fatemeh Ghorbani (Fifth rank)

  • Mana Sorahi (First rank)

  • Fatemeh Tabrizi (Second rank)

  • Zahra Aghaee (Third rank)



Please view the Iranian winners' drawings in high quality at the Photo Gallery.




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Designed by: Farid Karimzadeh