World Health Day 2012



World Health Day 2012 and Health Week in I. R. Iran, 6-12 April 2012

The Ministry of Health and Medical Education celebrated the World Health Day 2012, during the Health Week starting on 6th April and ending on 12 April, under the theme of “good health adds life to years”, and with one identical but relevant theme for each day.

6 April:                  Elderly, sport and spiritual Health

7 April:                  Elderly and public education

8 April:                  elderly and Disaster

9 April:                  Elderly and age friendly cities

10 April:                Elderly, health and inter-sectoral collaboration (commemoration of World Health Day)

11 April:                Elderly and disease prevention

12 April:                Elderly and social respect

The Ministry of Health and Medical Education commemorated the day and the week through implementation of different activities and involving schools, universities, health centers, as well as stakeholders and partners. The following activities were performed during the Health Week to highlight the event:

1st day: Tehran Municipality in joint collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the Ministry for Sport conducted a rally for elderly people in Velayat Park. The event was attended and by high rank officials: H.E. the Minister for Health, deputies of the Minister for Health, the Minister for Adolescents and Sport, Deputy Mayor for Social and Cultural Affairs, and senior management of the Tehran Municipality. The ceremony continued with other cultural activities as well as awarding 21 elderly people who participated in the rally and presenting appreciation note to a 104-year old woman.

The theme of World Health Day and the importance of social respect to elderly people were raised and emphasized in the Friday prayers.

2nd day: The WHD was celebrated on the morning of 7th April by ringing of bells in schools throughout the country. The Minister of Health and Medical Education visited a school in Tehran to promote the message of WHD. The day was highlighted and covered by media by broadcasting live interviews with relevant authorities and delivering health messages broadly.

3rd day: the MOHME disseminated pamphlets and brochures on the theme of the day: “elderly and emergency”. The relevant departments in the MOHME presented training programmes for elderly health during crisis.

4th day: Tehran municipality conducted a variety of cultural and fun activities for elderly people in parks. The municipality is also planning for age friendly cities as well as establishing the necessary infrastructures for implementation of this initiative.

5th day: The World Health Day and the Health Week were celebrated in Razi International Conference Hall, Iran University of Medical Sciences, on 10 April 2012. The opening ceremony was attended by H. E. Dr Rahimi, the First Vice President, H. E. Dr Vahid Dastjerdi, the Minister for Health and Medical Education, members of the parliament’s health commission, Chancellors of Universities of Medical Sciences, Journalists, Media and other high level authorities, as well representatives of diplomatic missions and UN agencies in Iran, artists, athletes and pioneers in healthcare.

 The ceremony inaugurated by Dr Aghajani’s welcome speech, the Secretariat for Health Week, in which he referred to the MOHME’s programme for the Health Week and future plan for elderly people. Then it continued with Dr Mesdaghinia’s remarks, the Vice-Minister for health, focusing on the elderly health and the Iranian population which is shifting demographically to an ageing pattern.

In his address, H. E. Dr Rahimi, the first vice-president, appreciated the MOHME’s efforts and remarkable achievements in health promotion.

During the ceremony, appreciation certificates were presented to individuals who had contributed positively towards health promotion in the country.

The message of Dr Ala Alwan, the WHO Regional Director, on the occasion of the World Health Day 2012, was delivered and then the 8 winners of art competition received their prizes together with appreciation note from the Minister of Health and Medical Education and WHO. A presentation on the winners’ drawings was projected during the ceremony.

H. E. Dr Dastjerdi, the Minister for Health and Medical Education, in her address expressed the Ministry’s future plan for increasing health services and facilities and referred to the approval of Higher Health Council of the Ministry for reducing cardiovascular diseases, leishmaniasis, sugar and salt consumption as well as eradication of Malaria.

The Iranian celebrity, Mr Davood Rashidi, who was nominated by WHO for “good health” stamp, was presented a framed poster of his own and appreciation note, for enjoying healthy life and being active and contributing to the society.

All the events and activities of the day were fully covered by different journalists and media.

6th day: the TV channels broadcasted special training programmes on health care and diseases prevention during the health week. The current elderly programme was reviewed by the MOHME and the universities of medical sciences including clinics, hospitals and family practices.

7th day: the theme of the day “elderly and social respect” was broadly advocated through media and by appreciating elderly people as senior citizens.




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